From Voter to Organizer to Candidate

Last year I followed the news, donated $10 to Bernie, made a few phone calls for Hillary, and voted.  I thought it was enough.  I was wrong.

November 2016 was a wake up call.  I realized that I had to do more, so I started doing grassroots organizing. As one of the founding members of Indivisible KC, I helped lead the fight to protect healthcare in Missouri. 

Through Indivisible KC, I met people like Deedra from Lee's Summit whose daughter, Izzy, has cystic fibrosis. Just before Izzy turned two, she was about to hit her lifeftime coverage limit. The ACA changed all that.  Weeks before Izzy's coverage capped out, the ACA passed and lifted lifetime caps.  Yet, in the wake of the 2016 election, it looked like Izzy might be in danger of losing her care once again. I shared Izzy's story with my Senators. I told anyone who would listen about how ordinary Missourians like her would be hurt by the repeal of the ACA.  But, far too often, talking to my elected representatives felt like talking to a brick wall. Izzy didn't have a high powered lobbyist or a $50,000.00 check to make them listen.

I realized that if we wanted better policy, we needed better people in office.  We needed people who wake up everyday thinking about what they can do for their neighbors and how they can help their community. I thought of Barack Obama's words: "We are the ones we've been waiting for." And I decided to run. To fight for Izzy and every other person I've met who needs someone in Jefferson City who's on their side.  I hope you'll join me. Together we will win.